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City just hope ferroalloy co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as righteousness iron company) was established in April 1988, after years of development, the company has become the highest level of modernization of industry's most competitive set and iron mineral wool building materials products production and sales in the integration of modern circular economy enterprise on-the-job worker 1500 people, the company an annual output of 320000 tons of various types of ferroalloy products, 75000 tons of granulated wood, mineral wool insulation plate 80000 tons, total assets of 1.9 billion yuan, annual output value of 3 billion yuan Company have professional testing center, through the certification and accreditation CNAS laboratory capacity, product testing results with many countries and regions in mutual recognition, is the high-tech enterprises in Shanxi Province with large domestic steel companies such as baosteel shagang steel river to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, the company products are also exported to Asian and the European and American countries and regions, product sales throughout the world.

Company in a manganese ferroalloy, which is mainly with their own core technology full hot charging smelting metal manganese and low carbon ferromanganese new technology as the backing, producing high technology content, high value-added ferroalloy refining products, form a pure ferromanganese metal manganese manganese nitrogen alloy (metal manganese nitride) and so on three big series of products the company electric furnace with a total installed capacity of 209600 KVA, 10 sets of electric arc furnace, including refining -arc furnace 6, 8 rotary kiln, wave, there are 11 package equipment level in the industry.

Company around the ferroalloy industry, vigorously develop circular economy, new technology of producing mineral wool original liquid waste residues, reduce the melting traditional craft link, effectively guarantee the mineral wool materials clean production at present has formed annual production capacity of 75000 tons of granulated wood, production capacity of 80000 tons of mineral wool insulation board, effectively utilize waste residue of annual revenue of 200 million yuan to the company at the same time, realize the environmental protection building materials production and processing industry sector and the coordinated development of ferroalloy business.

technological progress and 105 with patents, the company full hot charging smelting manganese metal core technology and new technology of micro carbon ferromanganese was awarded the first prize for metallurgical science and technology awards, mineral wool core technology new technology of liquid slag from mineral wool won the second prize of the metallurgical science and technology prize in 2012, the company through the recognition of hi-tech enterprises in Shanxi Province, rich manganese slag furnace smelting process and so on three innovation project for Shanxi Province science and technology awards; The company has always paid attention to the technical progress of the industry, and actively participated in the revision of industry standards. For many years, the company has participated in the preparation and revision of many national industry standards, such as manganese microcarbon manganese iron and manganese nitrogen alloy. In 2013, the company presided over the revision of the national standards of manganese iron and was approved to promulgation.

Facing the future, the company will seize the development opportunity, take technological innovation as the core, adhere to the more pure manganese products, is committed to become the industry technology leader; Strive to extend the industrial chain, realize the high-end mineral wool industry, and strive to become a practitioner of circular economy model; Adhere to the enterprise concept of learning and research innovation, and strive to become a model of joint development of employees and enterprises.

Yitie will persist in pursuing the goal of the century-old store, become a sincere and harmonious innovation, the most competitive private enterprise model.




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